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GRC Simulator Game Rulebook 



Welcome to the GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Simulator Game, the ultimate training ground for aspiring and seasoned executives alike! This game is designed to provide a hands-on, interactive experience that simulates the complex challenges and decisions faced by a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in today's fast-paced business environment.

Imagine you've just been appointed as the CIO of a budding startup that's poised for growth. You're filled with excitement and a bit of trepidation as you step into your new office. Your mission is clear: to guide your organization through the labyrinth of governance protocols, risk management strategies, and compliance requirements. But that's not all. You'll also need to align your IT strategies with business goals, manage your resources effectively, and ensure that your decisions contribute to the long-term success of the company.

You start with an annual budget of $500,000, and as you navigate through the game, you'll encounter a series of scenarios that will test your skills in various aspects of GRC. Each decision you make will have implications, some immediate and some that will manifest in later stages of the game. Your performance will be evaluated rigorously, offering you valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge and prove your mettle as a top-tier CIO? Read on to understand the rules, structure, and objectives of the game, and may your journey in the world of GRC be both enlightening and rewarding!


The primary objective is to maximize your GRC score, which reflects your ability to make optimal decisions in Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Your score is calculated out of 10 for each scenario, and badges are awarded for exceptional performance.

Game Structure


- The game is divided into four quarters.
- Each quarter consists of four scenarios.

Adaptive Scenarios

- The game adapts to focus on your weaknesses in GRC categories.

Luck Element

- Unexpected good or bad events may occur at the beginning of later quarters.

Decision Making


Each scenario presents you with four choices:

1. **Best Practice Choice**: Aligns with industry best practices. Costs the most but yields the highest score.
2. **Medium Choices (x2)**: May have some benefits but also potential drawbacks. Costs and scores are moderate.
3. **Poor Choice**: Could lead to negative consequences. Costs the least but yields the lowest score.


- Each decision is scored out of 10.
- The quarter's score is the average of the four scenarios.
- Cumulative score is calculated at the end of the game.



- Awarded for repeated exceptional results.


- Top scores will be displayed on a leaderboard.

Referral Rewards

- Receive a bonus scenario pack for each successful referral.

AI Board Review

At the end of each quarter, you'll undergo an AI Board Review. This feature simulates a board meeting where your decisions are evaluated.


1. **Performance Metrics**: A breakdown of your scores in Governance, Risk, and Compliance.
2. **Financial Overview**: A summary of how your decisions impacted the company's budget.
3. **Risk Assessment**: An analysis of the risks you've managed or failed to manage.
4. **Compliance Check**: A review of how well your decisions align with legal and ethical standards.
5. **Recommendations**: The AI board will provide actionable insights and suggestions for improvement.



- **Score Adjustment**: Your quarter score may be adjusted based on the AI Board Review.
- **Resource Allocation**: You may receive additional budget or face cuts based on your performance.
- **Scenario Adaptation**: Future scenarios may be adapted based on the AI Board's assessment.

Compliance and Risk

1. **Data Privacy**: All player data will be stored securely in compliance with data protection laws.
2. **Ethical Compliance**: The game promotes ethical decision-making and complies with industry regulations.


1. **Financial Risk**: This is a simulation. No real financial risks are involved.
2. **Operational Risk**: While the game aims to be as accurate as possible, it is a simplified representation of real-world GRC challenges.


How to Play

1. **Register**: Create an account to start playing.
2. **Navigate**: Use the dashboard to navigate through scenarios.
3. **Decide**: Make your decision for each scenario.
4. **Review**: Receive feedback and scores after each decision.
5. **Advance**: Move on to the next quarter or review your performance in the AI Board Review.

Thank you for participating in the GRC Simulator Game. May your decisions be wise and your scores high!

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