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User Policy Acknowledgement Tracking

Once the necessary policies are reviewed, each user must answer five multiple-choice questions. This exercise is designed to validate their understanding of each policy. After successful completion, they sign an acknowledgement at the end of each document. This signature verifies that they have fully understood and agreed to follow the set user-oriented policies.

The policies that fall under this purview are:

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Password Policy

  • Remote Access Policy

  • Retention Policy

  • Data Classification Policy

  • Confidential Data Policy

  • Mobile Device Policy

Please note that the tracking process strictly involves the policies listed above.

The underlying goal of this process is to ensure that users clearly comprehend their responsibilities for safe and secure network usage. By articulating the company's policies, assessing understanding via questions, and collecting signed acknowledgements, the company can minimize its risk and liability associated with potential security incidents.


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