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CyberSecurity Policy Resource Center

Laws, regulations, and best practices evolve, and staying compliant requires constant vigilance. That's where WiseOwl's CyberSecurity Policy Resource Center steps in, serving as your essential hub for staying updated and compliant.


Policy Library Subscription ($399/year):

At WiseOwl, we believe in not only providing you with top-tier policy documents but also ensuring that your team truly understands them. That's why, as a unique bonus, our CyberSecurity Policy Resource Center offers an interactive review process.


Upon completing a review of a particular policy, each team member is required to respond to five multiple-choice questions that pertain to that policy. This exercise is not merely a procedural step; rather, it serves as a vital tool to ascertain the individual's comprehensive understanding of the policy's critical elements. By ensuring that team members are aligned with the organizational guidelines and compliance requirements, it promotes a culture of responsibility and awareness within the workforce.


🔍 Testing Understanding: Through the questions, we make sure that everyone who's responsible for implementing or following the policy knows exactly what they need to do.

✍️ Acknowledging Compliance: After achieving a successful passing score, your team members will check the acknowledgment box, recording that they have fully understood and agreed to follow the policy.

📊 Management Compliance Reports: Transparency and accountability are key. Therefore, we provide management compliance reports, meticulously detailing who has completed the training. These reports are not only insightful for your internal oversight but also invaluable for audit purposes.


WiseOwl's Policy Review Process goes beyond mere compliance. It fosters a culture of continuous learning and adherence, turning policies from mere documents into actionable and accountable guidelines.


Our CyberSecurity Policy Resource Center isn't just a repository of documents; it's a dynamic platform aimed at educating and empowering your staff and management. With WiseOwl, you're not just purchasing a service; you're investing in a partnership that prioritizes your security and success.


Existing Policy Review (Gap analysis and NIST mapping) - $99/policy:

Unsure of your current policies' effectiveness? Our seasoned experts will analyze and map them to NIST standards, identifying any gaps and offering actionable insights. We help you understand not just where you stand but how to reach your desired security posture.

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